aka 飛揚

Developer, webmaster, digital privacy observer and advocate.

About me

About me

Me, FeiYang, aka FY, 飞扬 or 飛揚 am a JavaScript and Python developer, software translator and system administrator, my primary areas of interest are digital privacy and internet freedom.
I am the webmaster of Privism, which provides some public internet services that respect your privacy.
I live in Mainland China, but I don't use WeChat or any service that would violate my privacy, I'm also not satisfied with all mobile payment platforms (Apple Pay isn't an exception).
I would like to be referred to by the pronoun "he/him.", but I don't mind being referred to as "she/her".

Contact me

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Note: If you find any errors in my projects, please submit them directly on the code hosting site. If you don't wish to register an account, please send an email instead of using instant messaging software.

Additional preferences

  1. I hate dark mode.
  2. I won't use or recommend Archlinux for anyone.
  3. This website is partly my experimental webpack playground.