Elon Musk buys Twitter, Then What?

The Twitter board apperantly accepted Elon Musk's hostile takeover, so let's talk about how would Twitter change, the fundamental issue and where can users go.

Elon Musk

In his TED speech, he said that his priority would be "free speech and open-sourcing the algorithm". however, he does not seem to be the guy who likes both of the ideas.

Free Speech

In 2016, Elon Musk personally cancels blogger's Tesla order after 'rude' post, if a simple blog post can get someone cancelled by Elon Musk, then how can we trust this guy about "free speech"?

Imagine order a copy of Windows 11, complain about some Windows 3.1 era UI is still there, then somehow your order is cancelled. Telsa is probably the only Big Tech doing this type of stuff.

As if this example wasn't alarming enough, Tesla is also actively engaging union busting internally: Tesla workers speak out: 'Anything pro-union is shut down really fast', Elon Musk also did it on his own Twitter: Elon Musk broke US labor laws on Twitter.

By the way, as of 2016, Tesla was the only American auto manufacturer without a union

If he really believes in free speech, why would he done anti-free speech behaviors both externally and internally?

Open-Sourcing The Algorithm

In China, A Tesla owner needs to protest at an auto show to get logs from her own car, Telsa also fired an employee for sharing video about issues with FSD Beta

If Telsa don't give a f**k about transparency, how can we trust Elon Musk would doing the opposite?

Pervious Executives & The Fundamental Issue

Pervious Twitter executives also done nonsensical decisions.

Against 3rd party client

In 2018, Twitter removed APIs for push notifications

Until now, 3rd party users still aren't able to use these following features due to lack of API:

  • Community
  • Connect
  • Moment
  • Space
  • Toipc
  • Vote (Write)

Login wall

Since the Twitter redesign, the web client has become more and more unusable if no account has logged in (even some resources can be accessed via guest token).

If a few people can continue to whatever they want, whether it is about their own perferences or for profit, we will not able to get good products.

Next Step

Join Mastodon.

Mastodon is a decentralized open source social network, which means that no one can control the fediverse entirely. it's also based on an open standard, ActivityPub, so it can communicate with other services using it seamlessly, for example, subscribe and watch PeerTube videos without creating additional accounts.

There is no algorithm, everything is sorted by the time of the toots.

There is also no restrictions on 3rd party clients or login walls, you can get the same experience on any well developed client and get public information without login.