I'm FeiYang (aka 飛揚).


I'm a Libertarian Socialist from China. I also advocate for digital privacy and Internet freedom. You can refer to me with the pronoun "he/him" or "she/her".


Regarding the technology part, I am a developer, software translator and system administrator. I can develop projects with JavaScript or Python, create scripts using Bash or PowerShell (nonetheless POSIX style shells still should be destroyed btw), maintain infrastructures with major RPM-based Linux distributions (attempts to revive legacy CentOS are excluded) and build automation utilities for projects with Azure DevOps or GitHub Actions.


I dislike dark mode, due to Apple's "contribution" for accelerating adoption of such feature, I also dislike Apple for this specific reason.


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I maintain several open source projects, if any of my project is useful for you, please consider donate me some money via any of these cryptocurrencies (due to privacy conserns, fiat currency is unavailable):